Kyle & Danny’s engagement in Chicago

I had the chance to travel to the USA and meet Kyle and Danny in Chicago, for a fun afternoon engagement photoshoot in the beautiful Lincoln Park.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is often compared to New York City, with its megalopolis size and skyscrapers that dominate the skyline downtown. However, I found it to be more laid-back than NYC, with its beaches on the shores of Lake Michigan, full of young people and families taking advantage of the sunny days to swim, picnic, run, or build sand castles. But Chicago is also about its parks, and there is undoubtedly a certain “douceur de vivre” when the sun shines through the clouds.

Chicago is nicknamed “the Windy City” and it amply deserves this reputation because the wind is ever present. Today though, we are treated to a blazing heat and a bright sun for this romantic engagement session. Lincoln Park is a huge park by the lake waterfront. Botanical garden, outdoor zoo, beaches, and above all a superb view of Downtown Chicago, make the backdrop of this photoshoot!

Love Story

Danny is from Chicago and Kyle from Maryland. They met on the university bench in a small town far from home, and quickly hooked on each other. They soon became “best friends forever” until Danny, one day, decided to take a leap of faith and declared his love to Kyle.

What makes him fall for Kyle? Her eyes, he says. Now, after graduation, Danny lives and works in Chicago, while Kyle works in Washington D.C. They are in a long-distance relationship and try to see each other every other week, until the wedding.